Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Boy!

Look at this precious face...on a mission!

Sunday at the Kogers!

climbing up the slide...he got the hang of it really fast!!
all 3 in the wagon

riding the fake deer in the back yard


Ready to go see Emma Grace and Audrey

We had a great time visiting with the Kogers yesterday afternoon (minus Trey who was coming back from a hunting trip)! The kids just played outside on all of the differet toys! We will be missing Audrey's 1st birthday party next weekend, so we wanted to go over and enjoy an afternoon with them! We finished it off with Mexican food, which was delicious!

Boys Scouts in Heber Springs

Will took his scout troop this weekend to Heber Springs, AR, to trout fish. They have a great time, but I think they are all exhausted! While they were gone, mom and I painted Nevin Claire's to come of it soon!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Mimi and Ninny came over to go to Crossite with us on Saturday you can tell he was excited to see them! Still wearing that backpack I might add!

Four Wheeler Fun!

Even though it was kinda yucky outside, we managed to get in a little four wheeler fun on Saturday morning before heading off to Crosstie!
Running from daddy!

Would not take off the farm backpack!

Getting the room ready...

Just a peek as to what its going to look like!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a Girl...

Well, we can officially announce that baby sledge #2 is a girl. We went last Friday for our big ultrasound at the hospital, and they confirmed what we thought we had seen in a previous ultrasound. We are so excited to have one of each now! So, her name will be
Nevin Claire Sledge
The Nevin is after Will's grandfather (Nevin) and my great grandmother (whose name was Claire but they called her Clara all of her life). So, we are really excited to name her after two wonderful people in our family!

Anna's Baby Shower...

owl cute
Christie, Anna (with baby elliot at 33 weeks) and me (with baby at 19 weeks)

All the hostesses with anna

This past Saturday, before Easter, we had Anna a baby shower at my sister in law Christie's house. Anna and baby Elliot got so many cute girly things. We are all so ready to meet baby Elliot...only about 6 or so more weeks!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

finding eggs...Parker and Bre loved dumping their baskets
Parker at 2 years

Parker and Breland

We had a great time celebrating with friends and family! Mimi and Poppy, Tita, and my parents joined us at Peggy and Wilson's for Easter lunch. It is so nice to gather in one place instead of having to split up holidays! Oh, how I love that all of our family gets along! The kids had a great time together hunting year there will be 4 of them hunting!

Easter Saturday

Loved the train bathtub squirters from ninny and grumps for Easter

don't bother me...i'm busy

grumps, teach me how to golf!

mommy (at almost 20 weeks) and Parker

We were so glad that Ninny and Grumps decided to come and stay the whole weekend with us! Mom and I had to go to Anna's baby shower on Saturday the guys went to the lake for lunch. I think they had fun, it was just chilly. However, it warmed up outside and you can see all the fun Parker had that afternoon!