Thursday, February 21, 2013

Santa Stops By! 2012

Santa left Nevin Claire some new toys!

Merry Christmas from these two muchkins!

Santa left Parker some new stuff!
We love stockings!

This girl loves a pair of shoes...Santa did good!

So blessed!

Wow, my own gun!
Now she can clean up all her own messes!
Santa also went out back to deliver their big present...a new TRAMPOLINE!!  With the Delta weather, it has been pretty yucky, and we haven't gotten to use it just a whole lot.  However, they do love it!

Christmas Eve Service

Every year our church has a Christmas Eve service, this year our family lit the candle.  Here we are all ready to go!

Christmas 2012 with the Sledge Side

We celebrated with the Sledge Family on Christmas Day this year!  Peggy and Wilson had prepared a delicious lunch and were even gracious enough to include my family! It is so nice not to have to choose who we are celebrating each holiday with!

Nevin Claire and Mam'me

Santa stopped by Pop and Mam'me's house too!

Big Daddy's Grandkids

Nev and Bre

Parker loves to hold John Matthew!

Elliot Marie

Big Daddy and Great Grandkids

Chistmas 2012 with the Ellington side

The Ellington side gathered the weekend before Christmas this year to celebrate.  It wasn't the same with Poppy not there, but he would have wanted us to all celebrate together and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  I find peace and joy in knowing that!

Sitting outside on Mimi's sidewalk

Opening presents

Parker is so good at opening now! =)

Say cheese!

Poppers were a huge  hit...even Steven and Will got in on the fun!

The men gathering at the table to eat and visit!

Ninny and Grumps

Me and my bearded husband...I really do like it!

Sweet Sissy!
Parker Man so excited!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Favorite Shots from Photo Session

Halloween 2012

5K Pumpkin Patch Trip 2012

Parker and Lane - 5K Pumpkin Patch Trip

Look how tall!

Parker with his best buds waiting for the pig races!

Reed, Parker, and I riding the train around the farm.

Parker and one of his teacher, Miss Hall

The pumpkin he picked from the patch!

3K Pumpkin Patch Trip 2012

Nevin Claire was able to pick out her own pumpkin!

A few of her best buddies!

This slide was huge...but it was so much fun!  I even enjoyed it!

She is posing with the big pumpkin!

Nevin Claire's 3K class at the pumpkin farm in Duck Hill!