Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 months...

Nevin Claire - 10 months Parker - 3

Wow! It seems like just yesterday we were aniticpating Nevin Claire's arrival! She is doing so many new things everyday. She is crawling all over (army style), pulling up on anything and everything, and even trying to stand alone. The other day she even attempted a step! At our last checkup, Dr. B said she could start eating table food. So far, she has liked most things that she has tried. As of yesterday, she is weighing 18lb. and 27 in. Getting so big so fast! We found out quick with our beach trip last week that she really loves the water and is not scared to get her face wet. Nevin Claire loves Parker, and he does a good job of helping! He can pull on her, push her, or just get in her face and she loves every minute of it. When he walks away, she even goes back for more. They even played their first game of chase the other day...she was trying to keep up crawling! When she doesn't get her way, we can already see the drama starting. Sometimes we call her Miss Priss or the "diva". Overall, she is a very easy, good baby! Nevin Claire, you are such a blessing to our family, and we can't image life without you!

Picnic on the Gulf State Park Pier

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gulf Shores, AL

cool dudes

headed to shop

playing in the condo

getting ready to head to the pool

poppy walking the beach

parker hunting for shells...one of his favorite things to do!

Some beach pictures from Gulf Shores...

our view along the beach
pics before going to the mall

hanging out with mimi in the baby pool at the beach...she was always keeping an eye on her brother


tita and parker in the ocean

June 5 - June 12 was our family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL. The trip was pretty uneventful on the way down for us. NC rode with Will and I, and Parker went with Ninny, Tita, and Mimi. They said he entertained them the whole way...I'm not surprised!! NC slept most of the way! When we got there, we went to our condo at the Lighthouse and were pleasantly surprised. It was better than pictures could describe! The condo was very nice and decorated tastefully. We spent most of the week at the beach and pool. We spent most mornings at the beginning of the week at the beach and most afternoons at the pool. We were so glad Poppy could join us on Monday. This was his first vacation in 17 years...crazy isn't it. How can you go 17 years without vacation? I guess its called working as a farmer! I think he had a great time, and I have a feeling he will be joining us lots now since he is retired! By the time we left yesterday, the oil was starting to arrive. Such a sad situation!! We made several trips during the week to the outlet mall, the Track for parker to ride rides, ate at Mellow Mushroom, had a picnic on the pier at the Gulf State Park, and then went with Will and Tita to eat at Louisiana Lagniappe (our favorite restaurant there!). We had a fabulous week with all of our family, and we can't wait to go back again next year!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're at the beach...

We are loving every minute of it...lots more pics to follow!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All Ready for Church...

1st Spend the Night Company...

the morning after...p and bre watching tv and nc playing!

before bed....having milk and movie night

swimming together in the kiddie pool

swinging...bre actually picked the baby swing because it was pink

will and i told them to pose...look at bre's cute way she is standing and p is putting his hands behind his back!

Last weekend after the birthday party, Breland came home to spend the night with us. Matt and Christie went canoeing in AR so we were glad to keep her. The kids played so well together. We swam, ate food from the country club, went to Kroger, had movie night, and went to church the next morning. So, we had a packed night and day. Parker enjoyed having company and that entertained him because he had someone to play with. Hopefully, she can come back again soon!

Elliot's Birthday Party

the cousins...minus NC who was napping
parker, elliot, and breland

mam'me and the kiddos

elliot eating her cake!

bre playing with nc

Last Saturday, we went to Jackson to celebrate Elliot's 1st birthday party! We had lots of fun, and even were able to bring Bre home with us (more on that later)!! The party was great, we enjoyed visiting with family! Hopefully, we can all get together soon!