Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Parker's New Robe...

He has been asking for a robe for a while. He always makes comments when I wear mine or mom has hers on. So, when Will and I were running errands on Saturday we saw this cute robe at the Hallmark and had to get it for him. As you can see, it looks just too cute on him and he loves it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 50th Tita!!

To honor Tita's 50th birthday, here are 50 reasons why we love her so much:
1. She loves our kids so much!
2. She loves Will and I too!
3. Kind.
4. Caring.
5. Nurse - helps us with our medical questions
6. Great mom to Steven
7. Will keep our kids so we can have a night out!
8. Loves her animals!
9. Moved further away but we will see her no less
10. Not afraid to speak her mind
11. Smart
12. Great sister to my mom
13. Not selfish
14. Gonna live by her parents (eventually)
15. Giving of her time
16. Loves books
17. Loves trashy reality t.v.-just like me!
18. Shopping together is great fun
19. Enjoys going to Seattle to see Steven
20. Has fun getting pampered with a mani/pedi
21. Always remembers everyone else's birthday (and usually has a party for them...especially at work)
22. Enjoys facebook just as much as me
23. Is a facebook farmer...too funny!!
24. Enjoys looking at pictures of my kids as much as I enjoy sending them
25. Was in the delivery room for both of my kids...
26. Actually took care of Nevin Claire in the hospital...even worked when she was off!
27. Buys my kids clothes
28. Drives to see us when she is off!
29. Lets me pick out clothes/jewelry for her
30. Decorating her new house together will be so much fun!
31. Will wear big fun jewelry...my mom won't always do that
32. Loves all of her family so much!
33. Enjoys eating at the crystal grill...we all do and that is usually a top pick for restuarants!
34. Appreciates and loves her friends so much...
35. Has a great and fun co-worker Shiela (I can never spell her name right)
36. Never misses an important family event
37. Goes with Will or me to take the kids to the dr.
38. Also stays with them for shots so we don't have too =)
39. Likes DVR...that way you don't have to miss that reality trash we love so much!
40. Shares a love for Madmen....however, we are both always behind on watching.
41. Rescues any sick or hurt animal
42. Not afraid to be a red head...love that color on you, Tita!
43. Dislikes cold weather as much as we do...better to just stay inside!
44. Works night shifts (we get to see her more in the day)
45. Night Owl
46. Can go on little sleep
47. Strong...doens't let her arthritis get her down!
48. Family Saturday get togethers...
49. Normally shares her birthday with Martin Luther King =)
50. We are so thankful for your 50 years and we wish you 50 more!!

We LOVE you, Tita!
Will, Heather, Parker, and Nevin Claire

Desserts and Decorations...

Table decorations for NC's christening lunch
her cake

sweet cross cookies

Nevin Claire's Christening...

Nevin Claire in her christening gown...which was also worn by Bre and Elliot
During the christening ceremony

Our family of 4

On Sunday, January 17, 2010, Nevin Claire was christening at FPC. It was such a special day to spend with all of our family and friends. She did great with Sid, and she didn't even cry when he put the water on her head. Something else special that happened during the service was that Will was installed/ordained as an elder of the church. His whole family was so proud of him, and I know he will be a great asset and leader for the church. After the service, Mam'me hosted lunch for all of our family and friends. We were so glad the Garrisons were able to join us. The food was delicious, as well as the desserts prepared by Angela Goodman that I work with at PDS. Overall, it was a very special day and we are so blessed with our sweet little family!

Fort Sledge...

While Parker was staying with Poppy and Mimi a couple of weeks ago, Mimi made him a fort. This is something she used to do with Steven and me. We always loved them. Of course, Parker did too!! As you can see, he has all of his cars inside. He even had some visitors inside his fort. Poppy, his daddy, and me all climbed in. This kept him entertained all day!!

First Foods...

When Nevin Claire turned 4 months old we started with cereal, then right before 5 months we started foods. She started first with green beans, then carrots, and now sweet peas. She loves all of them, and she is definitely going to be my eater!! This picture was the first time she tasted food!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Week...

Parker loves playing with Nevin Claire on the floor...they do really well together!
5 months old

playing with his new garage from Tita!

Monday, January 4, 2010

More Christmas Lunch Pics...

Ninny and Parker ( 2 years and 9 months)

Beautiful lunch table

Mam'me and NC

playing so sweetly together

mimi, nc, and momma

Christmas Lunch...

Big Daddy and Parker
Breland - 2 years and 3 months

Alinda, LuAnne, and Kellen

Anna and Elliot ( 7 months)

Nevin Claire (4 months) and momma


This is my cousin Brittany...what a sweet girl!! We have always had a special bond. I'm excited to say that she is getting married in May to Caleb. I'm always glad to get to see her, and she always loves on my kiddos!!

More AR Christmas...

Parker and Aunt Deb
Papa and Aunt Deb

Parker and Diesel (Aunt Deb's dog)

MaMa and NC

NC at 4 1/2 months...she got lots of loving in AR

On Saturday, December 26th we gathered with my dad's side of the family to celebrate Christmas in AR. We also celebrated a big birthday...Papa's 80th which was on New Years Day. On Sunday, we all went to church together with them because we were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary (which was in November). Everyone was there except for two people...thats amazing...it is really hard to get all of us together. However, after church Papa fell and broke his hip. He had surgery that night and is still in the hospital recovering. We hope that his recovery is speedy. Parker won't know what to do if he doesn't have Papa home to play with on his next visit. So, Papa hurry up and get well!! We had such a great time seeing all of our family and celebrating with them!

AR Christmas...

sitting around the table at mama and papa's house
laying with papa...they are buddies

Happy 80th papa! Get well soon...Parker can't wait to play with you!

giving mama hugs

opening presents with aunt deb

Random Christmas Pics...

watching trains...
following Grumps...oh, how he loves this man

sweet bracelet from aunt chris for nevin claire

loving her new toy

These are just a few of my favorite pictures from the holidays...more coming!

Sunday, January 3, 2010