Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More weekend pics...

Grumps and Ninny come to town...

so sweet...think she could get whatever she wanted!
sister cuddling with grumps

loving on ninny

sister giving grumps hugs

greeting grumps with a hug

Last weekend, Grumps and Ninny came to visit! As you can see, both kids were thrilled to see them! On Saturday night, they went to Mimi and Poppy's with Grumps and Ninny. Parker is still adjusting to having to share Mimi and Poppy's with his sister...he is getting better though! Can't wait for them both to visit again!

Monday, April 19, 2010

mommy and nc at the zoo nc got her very own swing!

brother sister love!

parker loves to stand on the "sit and stand" stroller...we were able to move along at a much faster pace!

yes, nc is crawling! she has been for a couple of weeks now! she will be able to keep up with her big brother in no time!

Memphis Zoo...

loved the elephants...one of his favorite things to see

sister hanging out in the stroller...this was before she fell asleep
stopping for a picture

daddy and parker

checking out some animals
We made our yearly trip to the zoo yesterday...once a year is plenty. We always have a fabulous time and love every minute, but like I said, once a year is plenty. We hadn't planned on going yesterday, but we weren't able to make it to Jackson like previously planned on Saturday. We had a gas leak out on the edge of our property and the man from the company didn't show up until late Saturday afternoon. So, we decided since the weather was so nice on Sunday we would just go...we knew we didn't want to wait until it was hot! So, off to Memphis we went after we picked up the kids in Clarksdale. A great time was had by all!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 8 months...

We love you, Nevin Claire!! Momma, Daddy, and Parker

The Thomas Train Ride...

love this...can you see the excitement?!
after the ride in front of Thomas

handing in our tickets

on the ride

so excited!

Tatoo and Whistle...

finished produce
getting the tatoo

so excited about the whistle

It really was like a little festival at the train station and museum. They had tatoos for the kids (and they were free)! They also had a lego station and jumping station. We avoided those, there was a huge crowd. Parker was really only interested in riding Thomas and another train that was there to ride. Can you believe that we made it out of the gift shop with only a $5 whistle?? They had so many different Thomas things and different things we had never seen. However, we were perfectly happy with our $5 whistle!

Off we go to see THOMAS!

Thomas pulling up on the track when we arrived!
Thomas was pulling up when we arrived...just check out that face!

checking out Thomas up close for the first time when we arrived

the sign when we walked up

On Saturday, April 10, we headed out to Birmingham to see Thomas. Parker was so excited, and it really was a great trip. Tita kept Nevin Claire so the day was all about Parker!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

sledge grandkids

nc at almost 8 months (16lb)

aunt chris and bre

parker at 3 years (32lb)

Parker's 3rd PARTY

all of parker's friends...he has more friends that are girls if you can't tell?!

eating lunch with his poppy

blowing out his 3 candles

We celebrated Parker's 3rd birthday party at the PDS Gym on Saturday, April 3. The weather was so pretty outside, but it had rained in the night. So, we just played inside the gym. The thing I think that the kids enjoyed the most were the hula hoops. I never expected that! We enjoyed so many friends and family joining us to celebrate Parker's special day. The theme was construction and loaders. The only request from Parker was a Bob the Builder cake, so that is what we had. We appreciate everyone coming and making it a successful party!