Monday, March 30, 2009

Our family of 3...not for much longer!

"I'm 2!"

Here are just a few things about Parker at 2 years old:
* He knew it was his birthday...and enjoyed every minute of it!
* He loves Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Little Einsteins
* Some of his favorite movies are Cars and Nemo
* He loves to spend the night away
* He isn't a very big eater...he is into potatoes and anything with butter right now
* He has learned to ask for toys at Walmart...we are in trouble now
*He is saying full sentences..."mommy, where did daddy go?"
*He loves wearing adult shoes around the house
* He loves going to AR to visit relatives
* He loves to be outside...he still loves to ride in his stroller if we will take him for a walk
* He really doesn't like naps much
* He is sleeping in his own full size bed in his room...for part of the night
*He loves giving hugs and kisses to get what he wants
* He loves bathtime, just not hair washing
These are just a few of Parker's likes and things he enjoys at the age of 2!

My birthday...

Christie and Ashley made these for me for my birthday...again, what can I say?! They are just so was just what I needed to spice up the living room!

Will surprised me with a new SUV! He got me the new chevy WHITE...he knows me well! Boy, was I surprised!! It was something that we definitely can use with a new one on the way! I can't say enough about how good he is to me! I love you, Will!

Opening presents...

picnic/play table from mam'me and pop...this is going to be fabulous to play outside with this summer!
opening gifts from family and friends

check out this sister-in-law, christie, and friend ashley MADE this for looks like something bought! they are so creative!!

The slide stole the show...

waiting to go outside...
playing on the slide

jumping with friends...

down he comes...
This was a present from Mimi and Poppy for Christmas. We haven't gotten to use it that much yet, since it has been raining. However, it was the perfect entertainment for the birthday party!!

Parker's 2nd Birthday!

Blowing out the "2" candle...
Loved his cake...Joy Woo Chow did a great job on it! Parker loved it...he had to show everybody his tractor cake!

Barnyard theme...this was the centerpiece as well as a gift from Ninny (used to be Gran, but Parker changed it) and Grumps

Friday, March 6, 2009

23 months...almost 2!

Cars Tent

For Christmas, Mam'me and Pop got Parker this tent. He loves it but even more when his daddy gets in too!

Kitchen Set

Tita Mitzi got Parker this neat "chef" set for his birthday! He loves it so much, and he is learning so many new foods because of it! Thanks Tita!