Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mam'me and Pop stop by...

Mam'me and Pop came by for a visit to see the kiddos tonight. Parker enjoyed pop playing trains with him, and Mam'me was able to love on Nevin Claire. It is nice to have family close by!

2 years 7 months...

Our growing boy...

11 weeks

Nevin Claire was 11 weeks old yesterday. She also had her first "school" picture made today. I was able to see them online, and they turned out great! The ones of the two of them are my favorite...Parker just loves his sister so much! Here are some things Nevin Claire is doing now:

  • Sleeping all night...10-6 (I actually wake her up at 6 to feed her because it fits with my schedule)
  • Eating every 4 hours about 5 oz.
  • Still naps a lot
  • Follows people and responds to voices
  • Smiles all the time
  • Loves her bouncy seat and mobile
  • Loves it when Parker holds hands with her
  • Enjoys her bath when the water is really warm
  • Rarely ever cries
  • Attends school with Parker and loves her teachers
  • Wearing size 1 diapers
  • Can still wear newborn clothes

I can't even imagine how life was without her...she has completed our family! We love you so much, Nevin Claire!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Claire Bear...

This is what Nevin Claire has done all night. Will kept her at home so that Parker and I could go to the carnival. She must have had a long day at daycare today because she has slept all night!

Sugar Overload...

When we returned home from the carnival...Parker immediately dug into the candy. He ate 2 suckers and some chocolate. He may be up all night long from all of the sugar. I sure hope not!! He enjoyed playing in the tub while eating the candy. It worked for me just fine that way all of the sticky hands and mouth stayed in the tub!

Headed out...

Parker and I headed out to the carnival at Delta State. He and I went together last year and had a great time, so we decided to go again.

Coloring at the Carnival...

Halloween Carnival...

Delta State hosted a Halloween Carnival on Monday, October 26. Parker had such a great time with his friends, and he enjoyed eating the candy when we got home!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dino Parker...

Mrs. Reba got Parker and Nevin Claire matching hooded towels from Pottery Barn. They are absolutely adorable. Parker's was a Dr. Seuss dinosaur and Nevin Claire's was a puppy. He was so proud to wear his towel around after bath time!

10 weeks...

Family of Four...

We don't get very many pictures of all of us together! This was taken last Sunday morning before church.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tita's Wednesday Visit...

Love my tita so much!!!

Happy Birthday Ms. Nells!

Parker's teacher at school has a birthday tomorrow! We appreciate everything she does for Parker so we wanted to do something to let her know we were thinking about her. Parker helped by putting all the sprinkles on. He was supposed to help put on the candy corn, but he ate most of it while helping! He can't wait to take it to her tomorrow at school!

Back to work...

I head back to work on Monday. I'm looking forward to meeting my kids, it will be like the beginning of a new year for me! I know Nevin Claire will get great care from the daycare where she will be going. I'm going to miss spending lots of time with her each day! I'm just thankful that I had off for as long as I did!

Halloween PJs...

Parker loves his new spider halloween pjs from tita! Thanks for the PRIZE tita!

9 weeks!


Today, Parker had a picnic in the living room floor when we got home from the doctor. It has been so nasty outside raining that we haven't gotten to go out in a few weeks. So, I decided to let him eat his supper on a blanket and watch tv. He thought this was the best thing ever!

2 month checkup

Nevin Claire went to Dr. Boldon today for her 2 month checkup. She is just perfect! Parker had to go today also because he had a sinus infection. Here are the stats for both:

Nevin Claire

2 months

10 lb. 3 oz.

22 1/2 in


2 years 6 1/2 months

31 lb. 2 oz.

37 1/2 in.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reading books...

Nevin Claire goes to Tita's

Nevin Claire's first overnight trip with tita...she had a great time and can't wait to go back!!

Halloween Cookies...

Parker and I baked cookies this afternoon for him to take to school tomorrow for snack!

New boots...

When Ninny came to visit, she brought Nevin Claire these cute new boots and tights!

All Smiles...

Nevin Claire has been smiling for a few weeks now, but i'm just getting a good picture!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Like Father, Like Son...

When it comes to the T.V., they are just alike. You can try to talk to them, but they just tune you out. Here they are waiting to go to the party on Saturday watching television. It amazes me how much Parker is just like his daddy!

Hanging Out...

Ninny came to visit...

Ninny came to visit us this past weekend. Mimi picked Parker up from school on Friday, and Ninny drove to Clarksdale. Parker enjoyed it just being them on Friday night. On Saturday, Ninny came to stay at our house. She couldn't wait to get her hands on miss priss! We don't have a picture with Ninny and Parker because he wasn't still long enough...imagine that!

Best Big Brother!

Parker has been so good with his baby sister! He loves to hold her or have her beside him on the couch!

Breland's Hayride Birthday...

On Saturday afternoon, we helped Breland celebrate her 2nd birthday. She had a hayride birthday party out at Big Daddy's Apple Farm. It was lots of fun. Nevin Claire slept the entire time in her carseat! Parker loved being able to run around outside. The kids took a hayride driven by pop! The bouncy house was a huge hit...all the kids loved jumping. Uncle Matt fixed hot dogs and Aunt Chris made some delicious dips. The cake looked and tasted so good, I will have to post a picture. It was pumpkins that matched her invitation. The party was a huge success, and we are glad Bre had a great birthday party!

Happy 2nd Birthday Breland!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
We love you!
Uncle Will, Aunt HaHa, Parker, and Nevin Claire